It used to be that if a tooth was infected or the nerve in the tooth was dying, the treatment the
infection can be treated, the injured nerve taken out and the pain associated with such symptoms

A common reason for root canal treatment is an infected or abscessed tooth, which may result from a
deep cavity, periodontal disease, or even a fractured tooth. Sometimes, trauma - like a sharp blow to the
mouth can result in damage to the pulp of the tooth. Should you have symptoms such as swelling,
sensitivity to hot and cold or discomfort on touching your tooth, a dentist should be consulted

Root Canal treatment removes the pulp tissue, which is composed of a nerve and blood supply within
the tooth. After all the material has been removed from within the root, the canal or canals if it is a
multi-rooted tooth, are sterilized and sealed with a material that prevents bacteria from reentering.

Because a root canal removes everything, which feeds the tooth and keeps it alive the tooth will become
very brittle after a period of time. This time period varies from person to person. It is for that reason
that the tooth should be restored as quickly as possible and your dentist might recommend that a post
and a crown be placed as a final restoration. Back teeth are usually crowned or capped shortly after a
root canal has been performed to prevent the tooth from shattering due to the pressure put on it by

Root canal work is not uncomfortable, and in some instances can be performed in one visit. The
discomfort associated with root canal is due to the infection associated with the need for the root canal.
If there is recurring pain after the root canal has been started, or after it is completed be sure to notify
your dentist as soon as possible.
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Root Canals
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X-ray of a root canal
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